Whilst in secondary school, Master Gan began study in Feng Shui (風水 geomancy),  BaZi (八字 four-pillar), Xuan Kong flying star, San Yuan Eight Dragon Gates Formation, San He and more. His commitment carry out extensive research on this subject has led him to seek guidance from some of the famous international FengShui Masters today.

Master Gan is a highly successful business leader with several of his own business ventures involving consulting, e-business and IT-related activities. This young entrepreneur is also a director of several corporate entities with his keen interest in e-commerce and his desire to keep in touch with the corporate world. He had traveled extensively to many parts of the world such as China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to learn Classical Feng Shui and other Chinese Metaphysics studies from various masters. Mater Gan knows that knowledge is a never-ending journey and till today Master Gan continues to further his knowledge by visiting and maintaining regular contacts with these masters, this enabled Master Gan to establish good relationships with various experts in Chinese Geomancy and related fields. Master Gan has developed his own methodologies and theories on Chinese Geomancy and the art and science of Feng Shui.

Master Gan receives many invitations to host Feng Shui workshops to provide talks on Geomancy and Feng Shui. Over the past years, Master Gan successfully helped many peoples from different walks of life in achieving a better quality of life, through his Feng Shui consultations. Prior to seeking help from Master Gan, some of his clients suffered from bad Feng Shui resulting in illness, business failures, troubled relationship, etc. Various means had been sought by these peoples to improve their situation but to no avail. Upon seeking the guidance of Master Gan, their bad Feng Shui miraculously improved upon implementation of the advise of Master Gan. Through Master Gan’s unique Feng Shui service many peoples is living more happily as well as gain new strength to confidently face the new challenges in life.

Over the years, no matter where you are in the world, Master Gan is able to provides his professional, confidential consultations and audits for individuals and corporations with his expertise of Ba Zi (Destiny Analysis) and Feng Shui auditing and consulting.